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Compassionate Child Custody Attorneys

There are two concepts associated with the “custody” of children and the State of Florida does not recognize the word “custody” itself. The first concept is “parental responsibility.” Parental Responsibility describes the equal or, in some cases, the unequal division of decision making authority as it pertains to the Parents’ children. In most cases shared parental responsibility is shared equally. However, in unique circumstances it may be necessary to provide one Parent the ability to cast a deciding vote in major decisions (i.e. education, health care decisions).

The second concept pertains to time-sharing, the division of the actual time the children will spend with each parent. There is no normal or usual when it comes to time-sharing. Maybe there used to be, but it does not exist anymore. With either Parental Responsibility or Time-Sharing, the key concept is the best interest of the children and pragmatism. Something may be in the best interests of the children, but ultimately it may be impossible.

Cairns Law, P.A. recognizes that everything must be based in some form of reality with a focus on what can practically be resolved within the construct of the Parents’ circumstances. Our aim is not to provide you with fantasy, but with an actual resolution aimed at the interests of not only the client, but the children who often have very little say in these matters. It is this philosophy which we believe leads to resolutions that are more permanent and less likely to lead to consistent and costly litigation in the future.