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Relocation Attorneys in Clearwater, Florida.

In cases involving children a parent may not move more than 50 miles from their current location without getting written permission from the other Parent or the Court. The 50 mile radius is not calculated by the driving distance, but by the straight line distance (“as the crow flies”) between your current location and the proposed relocation. Relocation applies to each parent so long as they have access to their children for time-sharing purposes. If you do not have the majority of the time with your children, you MUST still seek permission to relocate.

Jobs change, people remarry and life changes over time. There are a litany of reasons why parents need to relocate. The balance is the need for the relocation against the interest of the children to have a relationship with the Parent that is staying. The law does allow for an expedited process to allow temporary and permanent relocations. Still, the speed at which a relocation may be approved by the Court may not be as swift as you may require. Should you require the ability to relocate yourself and/or your children, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately. Relocating without the permission of the Court or the other Parent may lead to a Court ordering both you and your children to return to your previous location.

Of course, such a situation may be untenable. Please seek the consultation of a family law attorney prior to making plans to relocate with or without your children to avoid such a situation.