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Clearwater Child Relocation Lawyer

Relocation is a tricky issue for both the parent who wishes to move, as well as the parent who is remaining in the original city and desires to keep the same parenting plan in place. Whether you are the parent who hopes to move or you are the parent determined to keep your child’s life as consistent as possible by staying in the same city, a Clearwater child relocation lawyer can help your cause.

Relocating to Start a New Life Chapter

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the top three reasons for moving include housing (48 percent), family reasons (30.3 percent), and employment (19.4 percent). A custodial parent may wish to move because they got a new job, housing in their current location is simply too expensive, they want to get a fresh start in a new city or state, or that they want to return home back to their family. Whatever the reason, it is entirely understandable that they should want their children to come with them.

Services For Moving Parents

Parents with custody who wish to move must either get permission from the other parent, or from the court when their move is over 50 miles as the crow flies from their current home, and they plan on moving there (with the child) for 60 days or more. In agreeable scenarios where the other parent has no issue with the move, the moving parent must provide the following documentation to the court:

  • Written permission from the other parent that the move is okay with them;
  • A time-sharing schedule agreed upon by both parents; and
  • A plan for transportation between the moving parent’s home and the remaining parent’s home.

It is not always as easy as calling up the other parent and coming to a quick solution when a big, life-changing moving opportunity comes around. When the other parent refuses to agree to the move, the moving parent must file a petition with the court and show how the move is in their child’s best interests.

Services for Non Moving Parents

Studies have shown that it is in the best interest of children to spend equal time with both parents, according to LiveScience. Most courts understand that splitting a family up further will typically only cause harm to your child, though in some cases the court will side with the moving parent. The move could be seen to benefit the child by providing better economic opportunities for the moving parent, a safer living environment, or being close to a large supporting family. If you are concerned with the outcome of a potential move, you need to take legal action now.

Our Clearwater Relocation Lawyers Can Help

 The Clearwater relocation attorneys of Cairns Law have the experience and knowledge necessary to win your case in court if that is what it comes down to, and will never stop advocating on your behalf for your child’s best interests. Reach out to the Clearwater law offices of Cairns Law today at 727-683-1472.

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