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Clearwater Paternity Lawyer

Paternity questions or disputes may arise when the mother is unable to recover child support from a father who claims that he is not the father, or when a father is denied visitation or custody rights by the mother—who denies his status as the biological father. In either of these cases, an experienced Clearwater paternity lawyer with the law offices of Cairns Law, P.A. can help. In order to resolve any question about paternity, a simple DNA test can be ordered. A court-ordered paternity test will hold a delinquent paying father accountable, or it can be used to prove that a father is who he says he is, and to make him eligible for parenting rights.

How Accurate is a DNA Test? Will it Be Enough for a Court Decision?

DNA testing is 99.9 percent accurate, according to the Cleveland Clinic. A DNA test legally confirms a father’s identity, and all it requires of the father is typically a quick cheek swab from the mouth (called a buccal sample). DNA can also be retrieved from a blood sample, or in the case of a recently born baby, from the umbilical cord. Because of the ease of DNA testing and the accuracy of testing, there is no reason that you should wait any longer to have this procedure done. If the father refuses, or if the mother refuses to give up DNA evidence of her child, legal action must be taken, which will legally obligate the other party to comply with the testing process.

DNA Testing for Child Support

More than 25 percent of children have one of their parents living outside of their home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In these cases, child support is often required of the non custodial parent. The two most common excuses for not paying child support include not being able to afford it, and denial of being the father. A DNA test will quickly confirm that the father is the biological father, and hold him accountable for payments.

DNA Testing for Visitation Rights or Legal Parenting Decisions

Just because a father did not give birth to his child does not mean that he is without custodial rights. If you are uncertain, or the mother denies your identity as the father, you can take legal action to obligate the mother to comply with a DNA test. Your DNA will be matched against the child’s DNA, and your identity as the father will quickly be confirmed or denied. If you are the biological father, you can then proceed with filing for custody or visitation rights, even if the child is not a baby anymore.

A Clearwater Paternity Lawyer Can Help You Today

Take the uncertainty out of the calculation. You do not need to entertain the argument put forth by the other party when there is a nearly 100 percent accurate method of determining paternity. A DNA test is the most simple answer to your question, and it can be court-ordered so that the other party is obligated to comply. To make this happen, call the Clearwater law offices of Cairns Law, P.A. today at 727-683-1472.

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