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Largo Paternity Lawyer

Should he have to pay child support? After all, he denies being the father and I cannot prove that he is, can I? Questions such as these are asked all the time by single mothers who have been unable to collect any support for their children from the man they know to be the father. However, whether you are unsure who your child’s father is or if you know who it is and he simply will not agree with you on the matter, a simple test can clear up any confusion. A paternity test takes a sample of DNA from the man in question and pairs it with the DNA of your child to yield a result that is nearly 100 percent accurate. These results can then be used to order child custody to help pay for your child’s necessities. On the other side of a paternity test is that of the father’s rights. He should have access to his child if he is the biological father, and he can get visitation or parental responsibilities by proving his identity with a DNA paternity test. In either of these scenarios, a Largo paternity lawyer can help you order the test, hold the other party accountable, and take the necessary custody or support actions afterwards.

Assisting Single Mothers Recover Child Support for Their Children

Child support is quite often paramount to a child’s wellbeing. Raising a child on one parent’s salary, affording child care, and trying to have a life outside of work and being a parent is virtually impossible for a single mother who is unable to get the father to pay his fair share. However, by working with an attorney, you can have a court ordered paternity test performed to prove once and for all that the father is actually the father. After his identity is proven, your attorney can help you get child support from him.

Helping Fathers Achieve Custody and Visitation Rights

Currently, one out of three children in the U.S. do not live with a father in the home. Developmental and emotional issues are common when a family is split up, and even more common when the mother and father fight, when there is an inconsistent parenting schedule or visitations, and when they spend unequal time with their parents. Studies have shown that kids do best when they spend equal time with their father and mother, and a paternity test is the first step to achieving this. Proving your biological identity with a paternity test can be impossible if the mother refuses, however, which is why you need to work with an attorney for a court-ordered test. And when it comes to child support, a paternity test can clear you of financial obligation by proving that the child is not yours.

Call an Experienced Largo Paternity Lawyer

Thanks to science, proving whether or not someone is the father of a child is simple. Getting all of the necessary people to take the test is not so simple, which is why a paternity lawyer is essential. Call the Largo law offices of Cairns Law, P.A. today at 727-683-1472 for help.

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