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Clearwater Modification & Enforcement of Final Judgements Lawyer

Final judgements made during divorce, custody, or child support are not matters that necessarily set in stone. For instance, the court may have ordered a non custodial father to pay $400 a month in child support initially, but after he was given a substantial raise a year or two later, his ability to pay more in child support to properly meet his child’s growing expenses has increased. He may be responsible for paying additional child support. However, until a final judgement is modified, it must be upheld by both parties. This means that custody orders must be adhered to and alimony payments and support payments are sent on time and in full. Enforcement of these final judgements can be difficult when one of the parties refuses to abide by the law, and in these cases an experienced enforcement attorney will become necessary.

Child Custody

Child custody can change as the child grows, each parent’s ability to care changes, and when either parent wants to modify the order for any other reason. Custody modifications can be met with hostility, however, which is why an attorney is often necessary.

Child Support

The child’s medical needs, childcare needs, and educational needs, as well as the ability of the non custodial parent to pay, are likely to change over the years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average length of time an employee is at their job is just 4.2 years. It is likely that what made sense years ago, no longer makes sense anymore if the paying parent lost their job or had to take a lower paying position. Similarly, the custodial parent may have experienced a raise or a job loss as well, both of which can affect support.


Just like a child support order, alimony may be modified when circumstances change. A change in income, ability to be self-sufficient, the necessity to spend more time re-educating in school for the workforce, and the decline in health of one of the parties are all examples of when alimony may be modified.

Division of Marital Property

The division of marital property and distribution of debt may not have been fair in the first place. Division of property, as well as all other divorce issues such as custody and support, can be contested by bringing the case to an appellate court.

Enforcing Judgements

Enforcement of support and custody can be tough to uphold without applying significant legal pressure. For example, through the Child Support Enforcement Bureaua custodial parent can take serious action to enforce child support through wage garnishment, revocation of professional license or driver’s license, intercept tax rebates, and even impose jail time on the delinquent payor. Enforcement of custody and other matters can also be taken by working closely with one of our experienced attorneys.

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The modification and enforcement attorneys of Cairns Law, P.A. are here to help you accomplish your goals, whether they are to hold the other party accountable or to modify an outdated, unfair court order. Call our Clearwater offices todayCall our Clearwater offices today at 727-683-1472.

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