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Largo Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes, divorce is inevitable. Whether you are dreading this finalizing point that permanently ends your relationship, or you are eager to get it over with and looking to move on with the next chapter of your life, you need a Largo divorce lawyer to represent your interests. The divorce lawyers of Cairns Law, P.A. can assist you in a variety of ways and types of divorces, and will be with you every step of the way to help make this process as stress free as possible, and to ensure that you end this relationship with fair property distribution, support, and, if applicable, child custody.


A less stressful type of divorce is called mediation, which entails you, your attorney, your spouse, your spouse’s attorney, and a mediator sitting in a room (or separate rooms in some cases) discussing details and resolving disputes in a compromising way. When the day of mediation is over, nothing has to be finalized, everything is kept confidential, and typically both parties leave happier than in litigated divorces.

Litigated Divorce

Florida has the third highest divorce rate in the country, according to Jacksonville.com, and the sheer number of couples going through the court system when divorces must be litigated is staggering. You need to maximize every minute of time that you have before the judge, and your attorney can help make your points clear and solidify your case if your divorce comes down to litigation when no compromises can be made between the two parties.

Property Division

Under statute 61.075, all marital property and debt must be divided equitably, meaning “fairly” in Florida. This does not mean that real estate and bank accounts will be split down the middle. In fact, it only means that each couple gets what they deserve, in the eyes of the court. During property distribution, all characteristics of the marriage must be taken into account, such as what each spouse contributed to the marriage, the duration of the marriage, what sacrifices each spouse made to the other’s career, and more.

Support Orders

Alimony and child support may be necessary in your divorce. Alimony, or spousal support, is paid to the lower earning spouse to help them continue living the type of lifestyle that they grew accustomed to during the marriage, to ease the transition period into being single, or to help pay for going back to school or job training. Child support is paid to the non custodial parent, or the parent that the children live with the majority of the time, to ensure that not all of the financial pressure is put upon the custodial parent.

Child Custody

Child custody or visitation rights must be determined during divorce as well. In addition, a parenting plan must be created, which includes a time sharing agreement, method of transportation, and much more.

Call an Experienced Largo Divorce Lawyer For Help

During your divorce, you want to be sure that the other party is not getting everything and leaving you with nothing. At the same time, it is best to remain as calm and collected as possible to reduce stress on yourself and your children, as well as to enable yourself to think rationally and plan workarounds when necessary. A Largo divorce lawyer can help you today by contacting Cairns Law, P.A. at 727-683-1472.

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