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Largo Adoption Lawyer

Legal Services for Adoptive Parents

 Adopting a child is an enormous responsibility and privilege, and with this life-changing gift comes a vast and complex amount of legal work. Having an attorney help you navigate an adoption can be a lifesaver. This is a time when all of your energy and emotion is invested in welcoming a baby or child to your home, and not a time that you should be concerned about whether or not you filled out a document correctly or sent it to the correct agency on time. There are over 400,000 children in the foster care system, with over 100,000 waiting to be adopted, according to Adoption Network, and thousands of babies are adopted every year in Florida alone. Finding your child, presenting yourself and your spouse as the compassionate and responsible people that you are, and making sure that the legal paperwork is spotless is part of the service that an experienced Largo adoption lawyer can provide to you at this life milestone.

Adoption for an Unplanned Pregnancy

For mothers and fathers, or soon to be mothers and fathers, who have had an unplanned pregnancy, adoption may be the right choice. As a mother, it is your right to make the final decision regarding adoption of an unborn child up until the final parental rights documents have been signed, or up to 48 hours after the birth. This means that, essentially until the last minute, you have the option to back out even after you have agreed to give your unborn child up for adoption. You also have rights to see your new baby in the hospital and hold your baby. As a birth mother, you have a big decision on your hands and an attorney can help you follow through with this decision.

Biological Father Must be Notified

In order for a mother to give her child up for adoption, the biological father must first be notified as well. In fact, all potential biological fathers must be notified with the Notice of Adoption Plan, whether their consent is required or not, according to the Florida Bar. In some cases, the biological father must also give permission for the adoption to take place if:

  • The minor child was either born or conceived while the father was married to the mother;
  • He is the adoptive parent of the child; and
  • In some other situations as well.

Unmarried biological fathers can contest the adoption if they prove their paternity as well as their intention and ability to care for the child.

Contact Our Largo Adoption Lawyers Today

 Whether you are planning to become an adoptive parent or you are a birth parent, adoption is a major decision that can impact the rest of your life. Here at Cairns Law, P.A., we have assisted countless clients with this decision, and have ensured that their wishes have been met by either placing their unplanned child with a caring family that is ready for them, or accepting a new child into their home. Call us at 727-683-1472 today for assistance.

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