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Clearwater Domestic Violence Lawyer

Here at Cairns Law, P.A., we offer legal counsel to victims of domestic violence, as well as to those who have been accused of domestic violence and are facing an injunction (essentially a restraining order). Domestic violence is vastly underreported, and victims who do speak out often live in constant fear of retaliation. Through manipulation, abusive partners are usually able to suck their victims back in with profuse apologies and empty promises, only to lash out days or weeks later. The cycle of abuse is incredibly hard to break, and outside help in the form of friends, family, law enforcement, and a Clearwater domestic violence lawyer is typically necessary.

Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence in Clearwater

In 2017, the Clearwater police department charged a total of 764 domestic violence offenses, including 12 for rape, six for fondling, 117 for aggravated assault, 627 for simple assault, and two for threats and intimidation. Sadly, countless more cases of domestic violence were either not reported, or there was not enough evidence to file charges. And of the 627 offenses, only 401 arrests were made. However, if you are the victim of domestic violence, the offender does not have to be arrested for you to file for an injunction, which, if granted, can make it illegal for that person to approach you, be within a certain distance from you or your children, or contact you. An injunction is one of the best ways to get the abuser to leave you alone, and is the first step you should take after getting out from under the same roof as the abuser. Filing for an injunction can be complicated, and you must be able to present enough evidence during the injunction hearing for it to take effect.

Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence? You Must Get Legal Help Now

Being falsely accused of domestic violence can ruin the accused’s life in a myriad of ways. For one, if there are children present in the relationship, an injunction can stop them from seeing their children. They may lose all custody and visitation rights eventually as well. Status within a community may be shattered, and the accused’s employment may even be in jeopardy. Domestic violence charges and civil suits may deal the final blow. It all starts with beating an injunction, which an attorney can help you accomplish.

Call an Attorney Today to Take Immediate Action

Domestic violence is a hidden scourge of American society, destroying lives day by day and ripping apart families over the course of years. We encourage victims of domestic violence to take action as soon as possible to put this dark time in their lives behind them once and for all by filing for an injunction. For those who have been accused of domestic violence, time is also of the essence for them, because injunction hearings occur quickly upon the execution of Petition for Injunction. As someone being called out for domestic violence, your rights regarding your family and your children must be protected by an attorney. For help today, contact the Clearwater domestic violence lawyers of Cairns Law at 727-683-1472.

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