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Category Archives: Child Custody


Common Florida Time-Sharing Schedules

By Cairns Law |

What a family’s parenting plan will look like varies depending on the parties’ specific circumstances. There are, however, certain schedules that tend to get utilized more often than others and we’ve included some of the most common as a reference point. For help determining whether one of these schedules is right for you and… Read More »

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When is Supervised Time-Sharing Appropriate?

By Cairns Law |

Although Florida courts generally prefer that couples share parenting time in child custody cases, they are ultimately guided by what would be in a specific child’s best interests. In some situations, primarily when there is a history of abuse or neglect in a family, this could take the form of a judge awarding supervised… Read More »

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Top Ten Parenting Time Factors in Florida

By Cairns Law |

Under Florida law, child custody decisions must be in the best interests of the children. Typically, the parents agree on this broad principle. But they disagree on the specifics. In these situations, judges turn to a number of factors which help them determine best interests. Some of the more prominent ones are outlined below…. Read More »

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Should Mothers File Paternity Actions in Pinellas County?

By Cairns Law |

Raising children is never easy, especially financially and emotionally. These challenges are even greater for single parents, and in many communities, single-parent households are almost the norm. The good news is that these hurdles are certainly not insurmountable. A paternity action helps even more, as outlined below. Some women are afraid to pursue these… Read More »

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Changing Co-Parenting Models for a Changing World

By Cairns Law |

Florida family laws have changed a lot over the years. In the early 1900s, women had almost no legal or financial rights. So, fathers always won full custody of their children. Then, the pendulum swung the other way. Around World War II, the tender years doctrine took root. This philosophy held that children should… Read More »

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