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Category Archives: Alimony


Attempts At Alimony Reform In Florida Frustrated Again

By Cairns Law |

For the last few years, a number of lawmakers have attempted to usher in alimony reform in Florida to no avail. This year saw the introduction of Senate Bill 1922, which, if enacted, would have eliminated permanent alimony in Florida, go the same way as its predecessors. With the bill stalled in committee, lawmakers… Read More »

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When Will My Alimony Payments End?

By Cairns Law |

The short answer to this question depends on a few different factors. Some types of alimony, for instance, have specific deadlines, by which former spouses can expect to stop receiving financial support. Other forms, however, will only end upon the recipient’s remarriage or the death of either party. For help determining when your own… Read More »

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Setting the Amount and Duration of Spousal Support Payments in Florida

By Cairns Law |

In the mid 2010s, alimony reformers made several attempts to radically change Florida’s spousal support laws. These advocates wanted to make the Sunshine State’s subjective alimony laws more like the objective child support laws. They argued that the change would make the system more fair. But these efforts failed, and Florida’s alimony laws remain… Read More »

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Changes Coming To Florida Alimony Law

By Cairns Law |

For a number of years, spousal support payments have been tax-deductible for the obligor (paying) spouses and tax-reportable for obligee (recipient) spouses. But the 2017 tax law rewrite obliterates these rules. Beginning January 1, 2019, spousal support payments will no longer be tax-deductible or tax-reportable. Lawmakers predicted that the change would help women, the… Read More »

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