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Category Archives: Paternity


Adding A Father To A Child’s Birth Certificate

By Cairns Law |

The easiest way for unmarried parents to include a father’s name on a child’s birth certificate is to do so at the time of the child’s birth. This, however, is not always possible, whether due to the fact that the father was not present at the birth or because he did not know he… Read More »

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Florida’s Putative Father Registry

By Cairns Law |

Biological mothers have automatic legal rights upon the birth of their children, regardless of their marital status. This is not true for biological fathers, who, unlike mothers, lack legal rights to visitation, or to make decisions on their child’s behalf unless they take certain steps before or upon the child’s birth. Fortunately, in Florida,… Read More »

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Contesting Paternity In Florida

By Cairns Law |

Establishing paternity of a child can have a number of benefits if the man in question is actually a child’s father or wants to fill that role. If, however, facts come to light that put a man’s fatherhood into question, he may find himself in the position of contesting paternity. Also known as the… Read More »

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How Accurate Are Paternity Tests?

By Cairns Law |

When it comes to establishing the identity of a child’s biological father, DNA tests are one of the most popular and reliable methods of proving paternity. For this reason, courts regularly rely on these kinds of tests when paternity is contested, so it’s a good idea for those who are involved in paternity-related litigation,… Read More »

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The Consequences of Failing to Take a DNA Test in a Florida Paternity Case

By Cairns Law |

There are a few different ways to establish paternity in Florida. The method that a person uses, however, will largely depend on the specific circumstances of the case. If a father wants to establish paternity, for instance, he can voluntarily do so by completing the proper forms at the child’s birth. If this isn’t… Read More »

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Your 5 Options for Establishing Paternity

By Cairns Law |

Parentage can be complicated for fathers, who often face more uncertainty when it comes to establishing whether they are the biological parent of a child. Because the personal and legal ramifications of being a parent are so important, Florida law provides fathers with a number of different options for establishing paternity of a child…. Read More »

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