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Category Archives: Domestic Violence


Addressing Pet Custody in Domestic Violence Injunctions

By Cairns Law |

When they assess domestic violence injunction petitions, courts have discretion to address a wide range of issues, including everything from how a couple will share custody of their children to who will retain possession of the family’s home, at least for the immediate future. After the passage of a new law earlier this year,… Read More »

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Obtaining a Dating Violence Injunction

By Cairns Law |

When many people think of domestic violence they imagine abuse between spouses or even couples who share children. While conflict between individuals in these kinds of relationships does account for a significant number of domestic violence cases, these are by no means the only circumstances that can lead to a domestic violence injunction. In… Read More »

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What to do if You Have Been Wrongfully Accused of Domestic Violence

By Cairns Law |

Relationships are complicated and this complexity can result in disagreements. Often, these disagreements can be resolved amicably, but in some cases, a person could find him or herself on the wrong end of a domestic violence accusation. Those who are falsely accused of domestic violence, however, are not without legal recourse, so if you… Read More »

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Five Dos and Don’ts of Restraining Order Defense

By Cairns Law |

When issuing restraining orders, especially ex parte restraining orders, many judges side with alleged victims, err on the side of caution, and issue such orders. As a result, as many as two-thirds of restraining orders might be essentially baseless. However, that statistic is certainly no reason to take a restraining order lightly, especially if… Read More »

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Setting Up a Restraining Order Defense in Florida

By Cairns Law |

Once upon a time, Florida judges routinely granted extended restraining orders without asking too many questions. Times have changed. Judges almost always grant ex parte temporary restraining orders, but a permanent protective order is another matter. Particularly if there is a parallel proceeding in family court, effective defenses might be available. Several different types… Read More »

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