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Florida Alimony Reform

Florida Alimony Attorneys- Cairns Law

It may have failed this year, but the effort to revamp Florida’s alimony laws is not dead yet. In fact, despite Governor Rick Scott’s veto of the proposed reform legislation, supporters, including Representative Ritch Workman, the man who wrote the propose legislation, are continuing to meet to discuss the potential reforms of Florida’s current alimony …
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Father’s Rights

Florida Father's Rights Attorneys- Cairns Law

When unmarried individuals have a child together, it is important for the Father to know his rights. Unmarried parents do not have the same rights as married couples. There are number of misconceptions surrounding a Father when he signs his child’s birth certificate, his rights in a child support hearing, and when parents go to …
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Domestic Violence & Injunctions

Domestic Violence Attorneys

Florida courts do not grant “restraining orders” as far as the term itself goes. But, a person who is in fear of another, or has been a victim of violence in the home, of stalking, of dating violence, or repeat violence can apply for an injunction or “protective order” to make it illegal for that …
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Divorce Process

Free Consultation with Divorce Attorneys at Cairns Law

I was recently driving on US 19 when I passed the billboard with the words, “I Do” written on it. Instead of the letter “O” however, there was an engagement ring. Of course the billboard was an advertisement for a jewelry store. I smiled to myself because a large portion of our business is that …
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