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Monthly Archives: December 2022


Tips For Communicating With Your Co-Parent

By Cairns Law |

It’s not always easy to establish a healthy co-parenting relationship, especially after a difficult divorce. Regular communication with a co-parent can end up being overshadowed by the reasons for a couple’s divorce or ongoing disagreements. The reality, however, is that communication between co-parents is critical to creating a healthy and happy environment for a… Read More »

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Orders Of Referral To Family Mediation

By Cairns Law |

Families who are involved in divorce, a paternity action, a relocation attempt, or a parenting plan modification in Florida will most likely end up receiving an Order of Referral to Family Mediation. This is a step taken by courts before a case goes to trial, in which they require the parties to at least… Read More »

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Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Divorce Settlement

By Cairns Law |

When judges attempt to determine how to divide a couple’s assets during divorce, they assess what they think an equitable split would be, which rarely turns out to be an exactly equal division. Instead, courts consider a lot of factors, like how each party contributed to the marriage, both spouse’s incomes, and each person’s… Read More »

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