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Monthly Archives: April 2021


Disposing Of Marital Assets Before The Finalization Of Your Divorce

By Cairns Law |

Divorce proceedings can be time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, many couples find themselves wanting or attempting to sell marital assets that would normally be divided upon divorce. This is known as interim distribution and is possible in certain cases. Those who don’t follow particular rules, however, could end up being accused of hiding… Read More »

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Using A Property Division Checklist Can Help Protect Your Assets

By Cairns Law |

When going through a divorce, you may find yourself with a number of questions and concerns about how your assets and debts will be divided. While Florida courts distribute marital property according to the equitable division standard, the form that that division takes will vary depending on the specific circumstances of a couple’s case…. Read More »

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The Consequences of Failing to Take a DNA Test in a Florida Paternity Case

By Cairns Law |

There are a few different ways to establish paternity in Florida. The method that a person uses, however, will largely depend on the specific circumstances of the case. If a father wants to establish paternity, for instance, he can voluntarily do so by completing the proper forms at the child’s birth. If this isn’t… Read More »

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What are Ex Parte Domestic Violence Injunctions?

By Cairns Law |

In Florida, those who have been, or believe that they are in danger of becoming the victim of domestic violence, have the right to file a request for an injunction. These requests often take the form of an ex parte petition, which means that the petitioner doesn’t immediately need to attend a hearing. Instead,… Read More »

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You May Owe Reduced Child Support

By Cairns Law |

While many people think of timesharing and child support as two separate issues, the reality is that these matters are very interconnected. For instance, how much child support a parent owes is largely dictated by how much time he or she spends with that child. Although timesharing agreements are taken into account when child… Read More »

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