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Monthly Archives: March 2022


Modifying Alimony Based On A Change In Income

By Cairns Law |

A person’s financial situation can change a lot in the years following a divorce. Things like remarriage, the birth of a child, or unemployment, for instance, can significantly change someone’s outlook financially. Experiencing one or more of these changes when already required to pay alimony to a former spouse can be difficult, if not… Read More »

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What Constitutes Imminent Fear?

By Cairns Law |

There are times when a domestic violence injunction is absolutely necessary to someone’s safety. There are also, however, situations when an injunction is being used more as a sword than a shield and not to protect someone, but to hurt the accused. In these cases, determining whether a petitioner is in imminent fear of… Read More »

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A Judge Issued Temporary Orders In My Divorce Case – What Does That Mean?

By Cairns Law |

Obtaining a divorce can be a time-consuming process, which can be stressful for couples who need help navigating certain financial or parenting-related matters during that time. In these cases, courts often issue what are known as temporary orders, which address things like child support, time sharing, and living arrangements. As their name states, these… Read More »

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3 Things All Parents Should Know About Child Support

By Cairns Law |

If you are divorcing or separated from your child’s co-parent, you may be entitled to child support. On the other hand, you may be obligated to pay it. How much will need to be paid, how those payments are calculated, and what child support is used for are three things that every parent should… Read More »

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