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Monthly Archives: January 2023


I Was Awarded Durational Alimony – What Does That Mean?

By Cairns Law |

There are a number of different types of alimony that courts can award during divorce in Florida, each of which is aimed at filling a specific need. Permanent alimony, for instance, is usually only awarded following the end of a marriage that lasted more than 17 years, where one of the parties is unable… Read More »

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Steps For Obtaining A Domestic Violence Injunction

By Cairns Law |

In Florida, victims of domestic violence can seek protection from the court in the form of an injunction, or restraining order. These orders bar a respondent, or abuser, from further contact with the victim and can also address things like financial support and child custody. Unfortunately, obtaining a domestic violence injunction isn’t always a… Read More »

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Standard Florida Parenting Time Plans

By Cairns Law |

Florida family law courts presume that having frequent and regular contact with both parents is in a child’s best interests, unless of course there are allegations of abuse. While regular contact between parents and their child can be relatively easy to achieve when a family lives in the same house, it can be more… Read More »

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Child Support And Medical Expenses

By Cairns Law |

In Florida, all parents have the legal obligation to financially support their children. Doing so, however, can become a bit more complicated when the parents in question are separated or divorced. In these cases, the parties will need to clearly delineate who is responsible for what expenses and in most situations, the non-custodial parent… Read More »

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