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Monthly Archives: September 2023


Contempt of Court in Family Law Cases

By Cairns Law |

Contempt of court is a legal term used to describe behaviors that obstruct the functioning of a court or undermine its authority. There are actually two types of contempt in Florida, civil and criminal. This post will deal primarily with civil contempt of court proceedings and how they can affect your family law case…. Read More »

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Avoiding Delays During Your Divorce

By Cairns Law |

Rushing the divorce process isn’t usually a good idea, as hasty decisions can result in an unfair property settlement or alimony arrangement. Similarly, drawing out a divorce is also not encouraged, as these proceedings can often be more emotionally (and financially) draining the longer they go on. It is possible, however, to get the… Read More »

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Requesting a Restraining Order in Florida

By Cairns Law |

In Florida, orders of protection, which are also known as restraining orders, can help protect victims of domestic violence by prohibiting the recipient from coming within a certain distance of the petitioner. These orders can also contain other terms related to additional prohibitions, child custody arrangements, and even spousal support. Read on to learn… Read More »

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Modifying or Terminating a Domestic Violence Injunction in Florida

By Cairns Law |

A domestic violence injunction, or restraining order, provides victims of domestic violence with a form of legal protection against further threats or acts of aggression. This does not mean, however, that such an injunction will remain in place forever. In fact, it is possible to modify or even dissolve restraining orders. Read on to… Read More »

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How Status Quo Orders Protect Your Finances During Divorce

By Cairns Law |

When a couple files for divorce in Florida, the court will likely issue what is known as a status quo order. This is a type of administrative order that automatically applies in most divorce cases and contains provisions that require couples to avoid making major changes to their financial situations while a divorce is… Read More »

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