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Monthly Archives: October 2022


What Does Child Support Cover?

By Cairns Law |

Child support is a type of financial support that is paid by one of a child’s parents to the other, often after divorce and continuing until the child reaches the age of majority. These payments are designed to cover a portion of the child’s living expenses, like rent or mortgage, utilities, food, and clothing…. Read More »

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Tips For Increasing Visitation With Your Child

By Cairns Law |

A family’s circumstances don’t stay the same forever, so it makes sense that a parenting plan put in place when a couple gets a divorce, won’t necessarily work after a few years, or a significant change in circumstances has occurred. Courts understand this and so allow families to change their parenting plans in certain… Read More »

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What Is A Simplified Divorce?

By Cairns Law |

The divorce process has a reputation for being legally complex, emotionally grueling, and often, drawn-out and time-consuming. This does not, however, necessarily have to be true for all couples. Some parties, for instance, may qualify for simplified divorce proceedings, which can be resolved in as little as a month from the date of filing…. Read More »

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Using Technology To Co-Parent After Divorce

By Cairns Law |

Ending a marriage can be difficult for all of the parties involved, including not only couples, but also any children that they may share. However, parents who work together to co-parent their children as a team and who focus on communication can make the process of divorce a lot easier for their children. Using… Read More »

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